Poll: Customizable Upgrade Process

With the 4.13 release, customers subscribed to Platinum support were able to delay migration of their Snaplexes for a few weeks after the platform release. We’d like like to know about your experience with this process.

  • Had all Snaplexes upgraded at GA
  • Had little to no issues upgrading my Snaplexes.
  • Needed SnapLogic’s assistance with my upgrades.
  • Waited until the June deadline and had all Snaplexes upgraded then.
  • Did not understand this feature.
  • Other (explain below or PM the Community Manager if you wish to communicate the information, but not publicly.)

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Additionally, we’re curious:

  • Did you use the 4 week period to go through a dev, test, stage, prod kind of progression of upgrade?
  • Did you continue to test on UAT before the release or did you use the 4 week period on production as a replacement for testing on UAT?