Poll: Download pipeline document

Did you know the Download pipeline document feature lets you print or download a document with the details of the Snaps and configuration of a pipeline?


If you use this feature, tell us in a comment below what do you use it for and how frequently do you use it?

If you don’t use it, why not?

  • It’s not as useful as it could be (needs bugs fixed or enhancements added).
  • I forgot it was there.
  • I have no use for it.
  • I didn’t know it existed.
  • Other (describe it comment below)

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We looked at it but we don’t use it. It’s a useful feature in concept but the document formatting is not very usable. Large pipeline diagrams are cut off at the right side and there’s too much line spacing in the details creating a 60 page document when it should be 20 pages.

If these issues are fixed, we’d probably use it to document every pipeline modification.


I use it mostly to search any snap by label name. I print and do cnt+f. Its much easier. Much useful when you are debugging using the dashboard where it shows the labels

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