Poll: Experience with SnapLogic

What is your SnapLogic role (org admin, pipeline builder, something else)?

How many years of experience do you have with SnapLogic?

I had a trial by fire. I have been an Org admin(to a degree), Pipeline builder, designer, teacher, etc…
I could only say I have about 1 year’s experience with this platform. I wrote some tools that did some similar things a bit over 20 years ago, about 20 years ago became an “ETI Master”, and about 19-20 years ago started working with informatica, and then took courses in dell boomi, working with various similar tools, and augmenting them with my own stuff.

I will say one thing, your script interface to allow custom coding is pretty nice. It was simple enough that the first time I figured what I needed to do couldn’t be done reasonably, if at all, with the snaps, I went to that script snap, and took care of it as if nothing was in the way.

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1 year on SL and working as org admin and Pipeline developer.


I am currently a Pipeline builder.

I have been using SnapLogic for 1 month.

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