Populate Records

Hi All,
Need some suggestion for below implementation ,

Can someone help me with ideas or suggestions?

thanks in advance

You can do the following. I have written it using SQL for ease of representation , but you can transform them into Snaps

SELECT Account_Summary, ID, Concatenated_ID, Cost_Center_ID, Company_ID, Location_ID, Business_Unit_ID, year, unpivot1.amount
FROM input2,
(SELECT tax000 FROM input1
SELECT tax100 FROM input1
SELECT tax020 FROM input1
SELECT tax030 FROM input1) unpivot1 (amount)

I have attached a sample pipeline image that indicates how the above SQL can be translated into Snaps. The FileReader through FileReader3 Snaps are doing the reads from the input2 table and the FileReader4 snap is doing the read from the input1 table.

Hope this helps.

Hi @psathyanarayan can you share pipeline also i need to populate business unit id as 000,10,20,30 for each records.
first records will be tax000 amount and business unit ID 000 and input 2 details ,
second records will be tax100 amount and business unit id 100 and input 2 details .
like that for third and fourth recods.

Hi @psathyanarayan Attaching screen shot for more clear requirement
input 1

input 2

expected results for 1st record in input 2

similarly we should get for other records in input 2
each records from input 1 should get multiple with each records in input 2

Hello @Ajay_Chawda,

Your initial use case is different from the current use case that you sent me later. In the latest use case that you sent out there is no need to switch columns to rows. Hence there is no need to use UNION etc.

I have attached the pipeline and the two CSV files input1.txt and input2.txt that will address your latest requirement use case. You would need to modify the File Reader Snaps configuration to the place where you save your input files as they are all currently pointing to my local system.

Hope this helps.

Community_Case2_2019_05_25.slp (13.9 KB)
input1.txt (110 Bytes)
input2.txt (219 Bytes)

thank you @psathyanarayan for help.