Post 4.12 Updates

This post will track any updates to the 4.12 release.

An updated war file, master-2859 - Patch 1, was deployed to resolve Windows-based FTP server issues. It is recommended that you use this build to avoid issues with FTP servers which may not be under your control.

To apply patches to existing Snaplexes:

  1. As an org admin, log into the SnapLogic Manager (

  2. Navigate to the Snaplex list in the Shared Project.

  3. Select each of your Snaplexes in turn, open the Update panel (click on the Snaplex name, or click the drop-down menu for the Snaplex and select View).

  4. In the panel which opens the option for “Version” is available, select the latest patch.

  5. Select Update.
    For more information, see Update Snaplex.

We will be deploying a non-intrusive UI patch Monday, February 26 at 5 PM PST that enables a new product walk-through on first login to the platform. Only new users created after this push with Show Guide enabled will see this guide.

See the 4.12 Dot Release Notes for further update information.