Query related Google cloud SQL (POSTGRES)

Hi Guys !!!

We are using GCP(Google cloud Sql using postgres) as our staging table in our upcoming project .In snaplogic i could not found any snap to connect for the same .

I tried using creating a postgres account buts its giving below error .

Snapshot GCP Error at snaplogic:

Snapshot PGADMIN where i can connect to Google cloud

Please help me how to connect to GCP using Snaplogic .

When you do the validate, it is calling out from the Snaplex. Where is your Snaplex located? If is it a Cloudplex, then you may need to whitelist the IP addresses (see our documentation) from where the request will originate.

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Hi cstewart,

Thanks a lot for ur reply.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on whitelisting IP address means. If possible could you please also mention the link as well. It would be useful.

Pn:Our snaplex is a cloudplex type.

See https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1439213/Cloudplex+IP+Whitelist

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Thanks dmiller.

I will try out this for sure.

Hi Craig and Diane,

First of all thanks a lot in assisting me !!!

I have tried the above mentioned steps of IP Whitelisting and now i am able to connect but as per google below mentioned link they say the IP address may change occasionally so they advice not to use IP Whitelisting technique to connect GCP.

My GCP IP Whitelisting snapshot :

POSTGRES Cloud Connection snapshot :

But here my question is will the IP’s of snaplogic cloud will be always the same or it will change .

For example connecting to local postgres i also have added my system IP in the list but that use to change as well and accordingly i have to change in google cloud sql but in production i can’t do the same .

Please advise if i can use above link snaplogic cloudplex IP and it will not change as per below link :

As long as you specify the RANGE (make sure you specify the /25 or /32 on the end of the address) as per that page, it should cover any of the available IPs.

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Hi Craig,

Updated the IP address at google cloud as you have suggested .Please have a look and let me know if that seems good to you .

Thanks a lot for your help !!!