Read/download files from Google Drive

I’m trying to read/download a CSV file from google drive. I’m able to get the web content link but unable to download the file using it. Can anyone suggest how to download a file using the REST Get?

Any reason yopu are using REST Get? If you have an HTTP URI, then why not use the File Reader with the URI, which then feeds into the CSV parser?

I have tried using a File Reader snap, it didn’t work.Don’t we need to pass authentication to download the file from a google drive?
If I try to open URI in a new tab it is asking for the gmail credentials. If I logged in then the file is downloading. I can’t provide any credentials if I use file reader.

Google Docs is not the same as Google Storage. We support Google Storage in the binary snaps using the gs:// protocol. For Google Docs/Spreadsheet etc, they are made for web interaction, and not direct access to the data. Which are you attempting to use?
(It is a subtlety, so a pedantic approach is required)

Trying to Read data from a CSV file uploaded into a Google Drive.

Are you following the instructions here?

I have followed the instructions to download a file. I’m able to see the content in the file but in error view. Attached Screenshot of the Content and the error message.


It looks like it is returning CSV data, you need to change the “Response Entity Type” to TEXT or BINARY.
It is trying to interpret the result as JSON or XML…

Thanks Craig. It works. Results

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