Read & Execute ACL change

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Currently SnapLogic does not allow user to change the pipeline parameter if the access level is “Read & Execute”. In our case we want to restrict pipeline edit, but enable users to execute pipelines on-demand. While this is possible from triggered task the user experience is much better if done via SnapLogic console itself. Currently while they can execute, they are unable to change the pipeline parameters which is key in some cases where pipelines are generic/reusable.

Is this enhancement to enable pipeline parameter edit for “Read & Execute” users is already in future enhancement list? if not could it be considered?


Why not point a task at each pipeline that you want a user to be able to execute?

Tasks can supply values to pipeline parameters. In fact, that’s the usual way to supply the parameters; the values you put directly into the pipeline parameters are defaults, which is why they’re considered part of the pipeline and why your users cannot edit them.

(Consider the analogy between a pipeline and a function in a conventional programming language. If the definition of string GetUserName( int ID = 0 ) were to change to something else, say string GetUserName( int ID = 42 ), then calling it as foo = GetUserName(); would result in something different. It’s the same as changing the internals of the function.)

If it turns out that the tasks end up having the same restrictions as the pipelines (so that your users cannot change the parameters therein), then put the tasks in a place where the users have permissions to change the task parameters, but the tasks have visibility of the pipelines to be able to run them.

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Thanks @ForbinCSD for your comment. I agree with you on the pipeline parameter being the default thus should not be edited part of runtime. My challenge is to encapsulate our “Citizen Integrator” user experience within the control plane. The need to execute on-demand is very practical, the current way we propose to users to invoke triggered task from outside is not attractive (too technical) for citizen integrators.

Task can be setup for pipeline is the same project folder, hence cannot have diff ACL for task and pipeline :frowning:

An alternative for snaplogic to consider updating Task details page. Currently it has the execute button, but does not allow to populate the params. It would be an ideal option for then our Citizen Integrators to execute the tasks on-demand within control plane.

If your “Citizen Integrators” cannot change the parameters on the Tasks, either because of ACLs or because of technical skills, then I think you have the following options in the short to mid term:

  1. If your Citizen Integrators have any technical expertise whatsoever, you can have them install the Postman application (, then you create one or more simple collection(s) and environment(s) for your users and teach them how to fill in the parameters. Postman issues REST requests you can just point it at the URLs in your Tasks. [That’s how we have our QA test our endpoints.]

  2. If a simple program such as Postman is still too technical or “too scary” for your integrators, then your other option is to have your developers write a simple application (web or desktop or whatever) that takes their inputs, fires off the REST call to the task’s URL, and shows the result. That would be much more limited than Postman, but you could at least put a friendly face on it, with only the inputs the integrators care about.