Read Expression File

Hi All,

I have attached the expression file and I want to read the below from the file. Could you please suggest how to do it?

Generic_Soap_WSDL_URL: ‘/idcws/GenericSoapPort?WSDL’,
HCM_Flow_Service_WSDL_URL: ‘/hcmService/FlowActionsService?WSDL’,

HCM_Interface_config.expr (1.3 KB)

Also, I want to understand if a single expression file can be used across pipelines by uploading it to each individual pipeline.

Dear All,

Do you think it’s too complicated and a different approach is needed? I would appreciate it if you can give some insights.

hi @amit.saroha
testCom_2022_06_14 (1).slp (2.5 KB)

you can change environment dynamically based on project path.

Ajay Chawda