Read multiple CSV in a S3 and load in diferente table

Hi all,

I have a S3 bucket with 3 files with different name, I need to read these files and based in each name insert the data in different table.

Was thinking about: a S3 file browser - Mapper - Route - insert

Any suggestion?

Hi @Marley_Bacelar,

File browser only it will give you some information about the files/objects you got in S3. You have couple of options here. You can use following snap packs:

  1. S3 snap pack.
  2. Binary snap pack (Directory Browse and File Reader)
  3. Or you can combine (but for this you will need to maintain multiple accounts)

Example with s3 snap pack (approach for binary will be similar) and also depending of the file formats your overall logic will be:
S3 file browser → S3 Download (this snap because you will need to maintain only one account) → Parser → mapper → router → insert.

Pero M.

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