Read multiple files in chronological order from S3 bucket

Hi SnapLogic team-

Our requirement is to process multiple files that reside on S3 bucket. The trick is to process the files in chronological order (based on file creation date). Could you please let me know what snap we could use in order to achieve above functionality?

Appreciate your help on this.



By using Directory Browser Snap, you can list the files from the s3 location. In order to handle the access to the s3 endpoint, I suppose that you will need to create AWS S3 auth account.

Once you list the files, the Directory Browser as output will produce details of when the specific file is created/updated etc. You can use that fields, in order to sort the files(ascending/descending), using the Sort Snap.

Spiro Taleski


Thank you for the response, Spiro. I will give it a try. Appreciate your help.