Read write azure blob with error

Hello, i got this error trying to read a blob from azure container2. i have not issue to read a blob with java. Help please. Thx Failed to open input stream for WASB path: wasb:///container2/error.txt, detail: The account being accessed does not support http.

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HDFS Reader[a6743e25-0e7d-4c9e-b9bd-fbfa37267e9b – 14b1014c-0292-4f5c-84e7-475de423e673]
com.snaplogic.snap.api.SnapDataException: Unable to read from wasb:///container2/error.txt at com.snaplogic.snap.api.binary.SimpleReader.doRead( at com.snaplogic.snap.api.binary.SimpleReader.readFile(

it works now. thx