Reading attachment from service now


I am trying to access the attachment and the data present in the attachment file (.csv). I used the rest snap to access the service now API endpoint. I was able to navigate to all the fields except the attachment.


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Hi @Harsha3,

If you want to access the binary file, there is a specific endpoint to do that:{sys_id}/file

For more informations and guidelines head over to:
Attachment API | ServiceNow

Once you got the response you need to map it and change the output view on the Mapper Snap to binary, the mapping is shown below:

And then you can use the CSV Parser Snap to parse the content.

Let me know if this helps you,

BR Aleksandar.



Thanks for the reply, however, there is a 502 error when I am trying to invoke a REST API call. I got the sysid of the task but unfortunately, I could not proceed further.


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Hello Harsha,

In the Rest Get Snap use the Response Entity Type as Binary and that should let you download the file.