Record Play in Triggered Task Pipeline


I have a triggered task for a pipeline whihc does ETL. I am running the task using a cURL command as below.
Iam trying to take the input paramater from the Task URL and pass it to the pipeline. I am trying to use the Record Play snap to view the query_string attribute for testing purpose, but the pipeline is not executing as the task fails to create a json file as mentioned in the record play snap.

curl -H ‘Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxx’ ‘’

Am i doing the right thing to record the incoming information from the command line URL?

Aravind N

IN the task definition you can set the pipeline to capture the pipeline parameters so they are viewable in the UX. Record replay not required for that!

My input paramater would be Dynamic. i dont want to change my input in the Task paramater. I am trying to read all https attributes such as path_info, query string , request_method and all those https attributes. I was trying to use the record play to see if all these attributes are saved in a record play file and use it for testing purpose.

I got it. Thanks.