Redshift and SnapLogic

We are trying to stand up a new Redshift environment and want to be able to connect and run pipelines with SnapLogic.

Corporate security rules require us to launch the Redshift cluster in a private subnet, no NAT or Internet Gateway, all access through firewall rules. Do we absolutely have to use a Groundplex, can we do it in a cloudplex? If we have to use a Groundplex, can we use an existing Groundplex already running in our SnapLogic account?


Hi Gary, if the cluster allows whitelisted addresses, you could whitelist our Cloudplex ips to allow access.
And yes you can use your existing Groundplex.

Do we need to whitelist both directions (inbound and outbound), from VPC to SnapLogic and SnapLogic to VPC?

Hi Tony, If the Cluster is Publicly accessible,
just whitelisting SnapLogic Cloudplex ips on VPC side.
If using the Groundplex, on the VPC, you will also need to
add a new rule with Redshift as the type, TCP as the protocol, the port 5439 (the default) and the Groundplex nodes’ ip
to allow them to access.
If Publicly accessible is false, It can only be accessed from within the VPC.