Redshift Unload Directly to Parquet


Has anyone figured out a way to Unload data directly to parquet format from Redshift? The Redshift Unload snap does not have parquet format as an option (just delimited and fixed width files).

I have tried to circumvent this by using a Redshift Execute snap and then writing an unload command. The process seems to work on a limited data set but I get an error at the end of the Unload like this (data in brackets redacted from actual values):

ERROR: Mismatch in returned vs expected bucket in CompleteMultipartUpload. Expected: returned: [my-bucket-name-only]. Mismatch in returned vs expected key in CompleteMultipartUpload. Expected: [my-bucket-name]/[mypath]/[my-prefix]

The path I entered into the redshift unload command was: