Reference Pipeline : To get schema details for a Teradata Table

As part of ones implementation, one would need to query the metadata/table schema for a database table.

The following pipeline is used to get field metadata for a given table in Teradata. You can call it from any pipeline by using the Pipeline Execute Snap and make sure you provide the schema name and table name

When calling the above from a master pipeline, it would look like below. In this example, we are passing the table schema from Teradata (for the table) to the input view (second view) of CSV Parser. The CSV Parser Snap has an optional second input view that takes in an input schema (csv of field names).

Source: Teradata
Target: master pipeline
Snaps used: JDBC, Mapper, JSON Generator


Attached is the reference pipeline to get Teradata Schema

Pattern - Teradata - Get columns for Table_2018_06_25.slp (11.1 KB)

The master pipeline can be found in the topic: Teradata to Cloud Data warehouse : Teradata to Azure SQL Data Warehouse