Register for the SnapLogic eXtreme webinar on August 2


The journey to building a modern enterprise data architecture can seem long and challenging, but you can successfully make this digital transformation sooner than you think - with SnapLogic eXtreme.

Join us on August 2nd at 10 am PT as we reveal SnapLogic eXtreme to customers and show you how you can avoid the pitfalls of building and managing a data lake. Register now:

You will learn:

Why most big data projects fail and what you can do to prevent it
How eXtreme fits into your data architecture
How automating the management of data, at scale, allows for higher productivity, faster time to value, and lower total costs of ownership
How pilot customers gain value and benefit from SnapLogic eXtreme
Complimentary Personalized Assessment
Register for this webinar and you qualify for a complimentary assessment to identify where your company is along the enterprise data architecture journey compared to your peers and a customized eXtreme demo. We urge you to register because even if you can’t make it, we will be able to send you the on-demand video.

Register now:

FYI, I registered but the response email has the correct webinar URL but it has the the June 6th webinar header and calendar link.

Thanks Del for letting us know! We will fix it ASAP!

Here is the recording to the eXtreme webinar, if you missed the eXtreme webinar yesterday!