Removing a column from JSON array

Hello. say i have the following JSON:


how can i remove one of the attributes / columns? Let’s say in the top left from the image above I want to remove the OwnerEmail value from that array… how could i do that in snaplogic? i’ve tried remapping but that breaks the grouping.

@matt.bostrom, use a Mapper, with Pass-Through enabled and with the field you wish to exclude/delete mapped to an empty Target Path:

hi @robin. the catch is (that i probably should have mentioned) is i am grouping the rows by the OwnerEmail b/c further down the pipeline I email the user 1 single email with an HTML Table email snap. The table loops through the $group variable. While the Group By Fields I set the OwnerName like so… the subgrouping $groupBy still contains the field that I grouped by that I don’t want in the html table in the email.


here is what my json looks like (i blurred out the real emails but you can see the structure and the group part where i want to remove the owneremail value):

The thing to delete in the Mapper is interpreted as a JSON-Path. In Robin’s example, it’s just a top-level property in the document. But, you should be able to use a path like the following to walk an array and delete the property in all the objects in the array:


So, this path will walk through all the elements in the ‘group’ array (the $group[*] part) and delete the ‘OwnerEmail’ properties.

Got it. That worked for me! Thank you both for the help.

this isnt working for me!!
Could not compile expression: $group[].matchfield (Reason: Encountered extraneous input ‘[’ at line 1:6; expecting={, ‘||’, ‘&&’, ‘^’, ‘==’, ‘!=’, ‘>’, ‘<’, ‘>=’, ‘<=’, ‘+’, ‘-’, '’, ‘/’, ‘%’, ‘?’, ‘instanceof’, ‘in’, ‘.’}; Resolution: Please check expression syntax)

Make sure the “Target Path” column in the mapper is cleared. Otherwise, the mapper will treat the first column as an expression, which is what it looks like is happening here. (When the Target Path is clear, the first column is treated as a JSON-Path that specifies what should be deleted in the input document).