Removing [] from output of the triggered pipeline


We have a triggered pipeline that returns JSON.
Here is the example of the output:

The problem is that brackets are causing the issue for the vendor that calls this pipeline.
How do we remove brackets?

Here is the desired output:

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Welcome @gremishe.

See if this is what you are looking for: JSON Array transformation

I don’t see how this will help me.
I do not need to transform the JSON.
I just need to remove the first square bracket and the last square bracket.
The rest of the JSON should stay as is.

When I generate JSON, I do not have the square brackets. Looks like Snaplogic adds them.
What can I do so the square brackets are not added?

I appreciate your help.

There are several variations of this question asked over time, so I’m parsing through them.
This one might be closer How to change default array document structure?

Not really.
In this one, the square brackets are showing up int the preview, but his REST POST worked.
In my case I do not have REST POST. It’s just open ended JSON Generator.

If you are using a JSON Formatter and the pipeline will only return one document, you can just check the “Format each document” option.

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That worked.
Thank you.