Rest DELETE without passing body


I have a pipeline that gets a list of IDs from a Rest GET. So i have these splitted JSONs with one ID in each. I need to make a Rest DELETE for each of these ids, but the ID must go on the URL and the body must be empty.
I left the HTTP Entity field empty and added the $ID to the URL. Its calling the right URL but it keeps sending the {id: xxx} in the body. I can see it on the error message ("“original”:).
How can i send this Rest DELETE without a body message and still keep the $ID variable to fill the URL.

The “original” object is a passthrough in the snap itself, not what is passed as the body in the REST call.

For example, I sent the following (note that HTTP Entity is empty:

You can see in the response that “data” is empty, but there is the original object with the data I passed to the snap:

That makes sense… Thanks a lot for your answer!