REST Get Pagination

Hi everybody,

I’ve been thinking about a solution to my problem the past few weeks and still couldn’t find a proper solution.

The problem is: I have an REST Output which gives me the following.

The total of outputs I have for ONE day and the data with a limit of 100.
It doesn’t have the offset or number of pages in the output.

I want to fetch all the data for a day (in this case, 10811) so I created a MAPPER with the following values before asking for the REST GET with PAGINATION

Then, I do a REST GET with the following values for:

  • from
  • to
  • type
  • limit (always a 100)

The problem is when I try to do the pagination that does not work.

For the HasNext field: $ > 1 (this is always true until it reaches the last offset value and it returns me an array with 0 data)
For the NextUrl fiel i have : “URL” + + “?from=” + $from + “&to=”+ $to + “&type=”+ $type + “&limit=”+ $limit + “&offset=” + (snap.out.totalCount+100).toString()

I need to increment the OFFSET in the REST GET by 100 every iteration, with a LIMIT of 100 outputs every time, until I have all the TOTAL outputs (in this case, 10811).

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but i’m getting an error:
“error”:“not found: unable to find valid operation for: null”,“code”:“S21”}"

Can someone help me? Thanks =)

I just did this recently and here was the solution I came up with. Assuming that the response provides the total number of records as “totalItems” in the response $entity object:

It appears you should be able to do something similar. Keep in mind that the Has Next and Next URL properties work from what you see in the output of the REST Get, so you will likely need to prefix your values with $original.

Kory, thank you so much for your help! I didn’t quite get it the $original. part, but it worked for me! many thanks!