REST GET Snap - Modify Authenication

I am working with Eloqua and there is a rest API that is not in the snap pack for eloqua.

I need to modify the authentication header to add a company name.

How would I do that with the Rest Snap?

You can use Header properties and add a Header as you required

Thanks-- this pointed me in the right direction.

I have included the rest of the configuration you will need.

This is a screenshot of the key and value. (FYI: Don’t set up a login account)

The value is a Base 64. Verbose instructions are here.

The main thing is you need to convert this string. COMPANYX\user1:password123 to Base 64.

You can use this website to convert the string.

The last thing is you need to find your companies website address. For example an API call would go here

To determine your base URL go here.

Hope this saves you some pain. :grinning: