REST Snap Pack: Where have you used it?

The REST Snap Pack is one of our most versatile set of Snaps. With so many applications having a REST API, this Snap Pack helps provide access to applications that we don’t have a Snap Pack for (or expands access to functionality that our Snap Packs may not cover).

We’re wondering, what applications do you connect to with the REST Snaps?

We use the “REST” Snap Pack for general HTTP work. We have internal API’s that are HTTP based and have some partners/vendors that supply/receive data over HTTP.

“HTTP Snap Pack” would be a more accurate name for it - I know how Marketing folks are though. People incorrectly call any web service or api “RESTful” if it is “Not SOAP”.


PS Can we get the “JSON Splitter” renamed to just “Splitter”? :slight_smile:

Using REST Snap , You can read files from reposirtory for example BITBUCKET