Reusability Component in Snaplogic

Mapplet is a resusable component in IDQ in which we can pass generic fields to check the same condition for different fields.

Suppose I want to make a generic mapping ( checking fields for Nullability and produce valid or invalid flag).

Input fields can be generic for this mapping, it can be string, numeric etc. I want to call the same sample pipeline(pipeline for nullability check) sending different fields again and again in the same mapping.

This I wanted to do to avoid recoding in mapper for null check again and again.

We have tried it at our end, but the sample pipeline cannot be made generic for different fields. Kindly suggest.

Sample pipeline ( ReusReusability_Mapping_2018_05_08.slp (6.4 KB)
nullability_check_2018_05_08.slp (2.2 KB)

ability_Mapping_2018_05_08.slp) attached in which I want to call (nullability_check_2018_05_08.slp) again and again.

Please find the screen shot of IDQ mapping in which you can see we can call the same mapplet for different fields in parallel to check again and again. We want to call the nullability pipeline in the same way.

Can you elaborate on what will ultimately be done with the valid/invalid flags? I took a look at your attached pipelines, but couldn’t quite figure out what you are trying to accomplish.