Route to port 1 if output is string , to port 2 if output is number

I have to route based on the output type using router snap.
Route to port 1 if output is string , to port 2 if output is number.
How to I do that? Thank you.

Hi @Sahil,

You can include the ‘typeof’ function in a router snap. It will look something like this:



Also in the Router Snap, you can use the instanceof global function that will return true/false if the given object is an instance of the given type.

ex: $input instanceof ‘String’

Spiro Taleski

@viktor_n , Hi Viktor,
Any suggestions here.

Hi @Sahil,

Responses from @bojanvelevski and @Spiro_Taleski as I see are correct. Is there are problem with using them ?

Hi @viktor_n ,
even typeof 723456 is coming as string.

But if those numbers are between quote it means that it is string.

723456 and “723456” is not same.

See if this will help you to determine if it’s number or string.
$input.toString().match(/^\d+$/) != null ? true : false
This expression will check if value of input contains only numbers and if it is, then will return true, otherwise if not contains only numbers it will return false.

To check for string it’s opposite, you need to switch the places of true and false.