Router Snap not distributing document

Hi there,

I would like to evenly distribute a document along two paths so that we can execute lookups within our database. However when the Router Snap is added, SnapLogic doesn’t appear to pass through the document through the second route.

We need to make several queries to the database but using the 2nd Lookup Snap in the same path doesn’t seem to operate as expected hence the use of the Router Snap.

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 9.25.38 AM

The Router Snap is used to make a decision as to which path your data should take, so we’d need to see details of the settings within that Snap to understand what’s not working. However, I suspect you’re looking to pass ALL of your documents to BOTH lookups, in which case you should swap the Router Snap for a Copy Snap.

Hope this helps!

You’re absolutely spot on with that assumption.
Your suggestion about swapping the Snaps has worked!

Actually crying with happiness! :sob:

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