Run time SQL query

While testing any pipeline which involves any SQL snaps like Hive, Oracle or redshift the pipeline statistics should show the sql that got executed. most of the times the sql have many parameter. Though the log shows the values of the parameters it would be easy if it could also show fully constructed SQL query. (reference: as it is shown in the session logs of informatica).

At the moment can i view the query in the snaplogic gui that got executed through a snap? does the API allow me to view the query?

If not can you please take this as a feature request for gui/api?

Its Good question . Even I am trying to find the answer. Currently my approach is I will fail the query purposely by leaving one or two syntax errors in SQL so that the failure log will hold the query constructed with necessary parameters. I guess snaplogic has to come up with each thread level log capturing facility. Who knows may be because of cloud, space , performance and stuff they don’t want to give over load by capturing each and everything in the log. May be so snaplogic might have constructed the way it is been.

There are ways to achieve what you like but it isn’t pretty. You can pre-construct the SQL in a mapper then call a child pipeline with “pipeline execute snap” by passing the SQL via pipeline parameter which you would be able to “capture” in the execution log. Not perfect but you get what you asked for.