SAP IDoc Write Snap


Can any one explain the function of “IDoc Read BAPI Name” property in SAP IDoc Write Snap?

Thanks in Advance!

@dmiller, Can you please provide the details of the above property?

If I want to send the data to SAP from SnapLogic to create IDoc, what value should I be given to that property and do we need to set the process type to ‘Remote-Enabled’ for IDoc Creation?

I’m checking with the Dev team and have let the Doc team know it’s missing.

Thank you @dmiller

It has been pointed out to me that the same field is within the SAP IDoc Read Snap, but waiting for someone with more knowledge on the subject to provide more details.

Hi @dmiller,

Can you please update if you get any details on the use of ‘IDoc Read BAPI Name’ this property for ‘SAP IDoc Write Snap’?

What value we need to give for this property while writing an IDoc to SAP?

I’m checking again with Engineering.