Scatter gather pattern

Does SnapLogic support some EAI patterns like Scatter-Gather? If so, where can I find them.


Can you explain what you are trying to do?

Call multiple RESTful API currently and then join all the results back together for 1 return document.

customer Info (input)

  • Call API 1 with customer info
  • Call API 2 with customer info or subset
  • Call API N with customer info
  • Wait for all to return
  • Gather all results together
  • return 1 merged document to caller


I just did something like this but with multiple DB SELECT queries. I used an N-way copy to copy the data out to each SELECT with an N-way JOIN/merge snap on the return side to combine the results into a single document. It should work conceptually with multiple REST GETs in place of the DB SELECTs.

Here is what it might look like. You likely want to add mapper in places you want to do some cleansing with the payload. In the Join snap, you should select “Merge” as Join type.

Thanks Alan. I’ll check that out.