Scheduled task

I have a requirement to run same pipeline for different business in parallel.All the details have been configured in database.I created two scheduled tasks with business as parameter (hardcoded for each task) and want to use this parameter in Oracle query to bring details from database during task execution.But is it not considering the parameter in my query while running the task., can anyone provide a solution on how to use pipeline parameter at run time using scheduled task?

You can make the main pipeline as triggered task and trigger that with appropriate queried param values from a scheduled parent (each for a business). If it doesn’t help can you please share more details on the requirement.

Hi Dharkawat,

What you’re trying to achieve is possible. I put together a small demo of how you could do it. In this project are two tasks and a pipeline. The pipeline is set up with one parameter called PARAM and has a mapper snap that show’s how that parameter can be used. In your case, you’d use an Oracle snap and use that PARAM where you need to substitute the value in your query. The two tasks have different values for PARAM set. When the task runs, the pipeline will substitute the value in the task for the value in the pipeline during execution. I set the parameter to capture, so when the tasks are executing you can see this behavior.

Try this out and see if it achieves what you need. (1.8 KB)

Thanks Ganesh!! Triggered task will not solve my reuirement as it has to be scheduled to run parallel.