Scheduler Starts on Time

We are starting to create a series of jobs that must start to the second of when specified. We were surprised to see some of our jobs taking up to 5 minutes after the scheduled time to start, even with almost no load on the system.

We investigated with support, and they indicated, that the “service level” of the Scheduler was to start within 10 minutes. This is highly problematic for a scheduler to have a 10 minute window for starting time…



Rather than using SnapLogic scheduled tasks, you can use triggered tasks and trigger them via your own more-reliable external scheduler (Control-M, etc.) I agree though, and would also like for the SnapLogic scheduler to be more precise. +1

We were dismayed to find this as well.

I can, however, report that we are experiencing pretty good responses using a standalone scheduler we built in C#. It works better if you are able to use the “local URL” for triggering the task.