Script Snap log output location?

I am executing a python script from the Script snap. When I write to the log object SnapLogic passes to me, where is that output written? I have scoured the /opt/snaplogic/run/log directory on my groundplex but the log entries are not there…

The log entry will go to the /opt/snaplogic/run/log/jcc.json log file when using the default log configuration, it will look like

{"ts":"2020-09-23T00:14:09.234Z","lvl":"INFO","fi":"","msg":"Finished executing the Transform script","snlb":"Script","snrd":"446013d4-5d13-432c-8eb5-3cd1a1c3ebec","plrd":"52b32bdbf17d831ac1750257_0b60bf08-d3de-4a89-8eac-ba6da8e3ad55","prc":"Script[52b32bdbf17d831ac1750257_0b60bf08-d3de-4a89-8eac-ba6da8e3ad55 -- 446013d4-5d13-432c-8eb5-3cd1a1c3ebec]","xid":"87424265-d74f-473b-9199-653b0d1562bf"}

where"Finished executing the Transform script") was the log call.

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@rpatrick00 - You can download the log file from dash board just before the completion status, Can choose all/info/warn message.

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