Selecting only certain columns from CSV using Mapper

Hey All,

Having a little bit of trouble with this. So I currently have a csv file Ive pulled from s3 loaded into snaplogic via the S3 file reader. I’ve used a CSV parser to look at the file and it looks good. What I need to do from here is only pull 2 columns from the entire csv (lets say user and login ID) so that I can insert it into my snowflake DB instance

Does anyone know what the mapper setup should look like for this?

Thank you!

Hi @amubeen,

After CSV parser snap, put the mapper snap with the fields that you want to extract from the file. When you connect CSV parser with the mapper and validate the pipeline, you will get all the fields from the file in the “Input Schema” of the mapper(marked with blue). From there you can drag the required fields and drop to the expression field.


In the Target Path, you should specify field names from snowflake database table(marked with black).

You can get all the fields in the mapper “Target Schema”(marked with yellow) from the selected Snowflake table, if you connect the mapper with the downstream Snowflake Insert snap, and validate the pipeline.

Hope this helps.