ServiceNow Snap account


I am trying to set up a ServiceNow insert Snap, but it needs a Service now account and instance.

The documentation shows an example of the instance as, is the URL of your ServiceNow instance then “abc” is the instance name.

My host with ServiceNow is something like

What should I use as the instance name and how will Snaplogic resolve this to a URL?


Hi @peter,

In the settings tab of the Create Account pop-up for the ServiceNow Account, in the Label field you can name your account however you wish.

In the Username field please type: admin.

In the Password field you need to provide the password you use to sign in to your developer instance (when you open the page in a browser). Please note this is different than the credentials used to sign in to the Developer Site.

In the Instance field you should type the name of your developer instance, which according to the example in your question is abc.

In the end, click on the Validate button so that you can make sure that the information entered is valid.


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