ServiceNow Snap

I am using the the ServiceNow Snap to request data from SNoW tables and I would like to pass SNoW, such as sysparm_limit, sysparm_exclude_reference_link, sysparm_display_value etc.

However if I put the sysparms in the query field they do not work.

Does the ServiceNow Snap all the use of SNoW parameters.


While I check with Dev, what happens if you toggle off the expression button (the = button).
That is usually only ever toggled on when using SnapLogic expressions.

Hopefully, the Dev team has a simple answer, but I’ve run into a similar situation in the past and had to use a REST Get snap as a workaround. You lose the added features of the ServiceNow Query, and need to add additional snap(s), but it functions well.

I find the ServiceNow snap quote frustrating. Is is very good and quick, however there things that I cant get it to do and seem to waste hours before I switch back to the REST API call.

I.e. this query
cat_item=a657a368db17bb0084055a123419db&state=Work in Progress

Works in Postman, but not in the snap.

Is there anyway to see what the url is that is being passed to the app?

I woudl also love to know why the snap only needs username,password and instance and does not need apikey, apisecret and proxy.

You need to use the ServiceNow query syntax within the ServiceNow Query Snap. For example, if the “Work in Progress” option value is 3, your query should look like


You may be familiar with this tip, but for complex queries, I build a search in ServiceNow and then right-click the right-most breadcrumb and click Copy query.

Great tip. I will have a try.