SFTP question

HI All,
Good morning. I have question related to SFTP.

Currently our vendor won’t support ssh keys is there any other way in SnapLogic can i build pipeline and download the files. Please let me know.

I appreciate your help with this.


CC: @ptaylor, I have a question regarding the SFTP. I am not able to use SSH Auth snap to download the files due to vendor restriction. Is their any other way using script can i download the sftp files.

If we can do it, can you please provide some sample.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ajay,

I don’t understand what this means. The vendor of what? The vendor who controls the SFTP server? If they don’t support SSH keys, how do they expect you to access an SFTP server?

Perhaps Basic Auth?

So what do they use? Basic Auth ? username/pw?

Basic auth isn’t SFTP. That’s what the S means. Perhaps it is just FTP?

I’ve had clients implement with just Username/PW.

Right @ptaylor. Vendor won’t support SSH.
you are right. I will use the Basic Auth, i completely missed it.

Using Basic Auth snap can i connect to third party vendor and download the files

It is an sftp, but they are saying they support only following command line statements

sftp @reports.xyz.com
cd reports

with SSH Auth and Basic Auth i can’t do this.

Sorry, I can’t make any sense of that. SFTP is an SSH-based protocol. It uses SSH keys to authenticate.

I sent an email to Vendor to confirm on this one more time.