SFTP: Worked ok then settings changed not not working

We have set up a new SFTP site and we had access to it via Snap – read, write, delete. All was good.

We had to change some settings for our client to access it and now SnapLogic cannot connect.

I’m getting “Unable to create filesystem object for sftp://xxxxxxx/xxxx/xxx”.
I’m using a directory browser to test the connections.

I’m able to connect with the same user and password via command line. I made sure the connection string is accurate.

Any thoughts?



Could it be IP related? Especially if you are using groundplex, you can try “telnet ip_address port_number” to ensure it is reachable.

Thanks but no help there.
I had the sys admin run the script – the 22 port is open.

Do you have both cloudplex and groundplex which have their own public IP addresses? Does the remote SFTP have and IP whitelistiing restrictions?