SharePoint Integration

Hello SL community,

I’m trying to read the documents from my SharePoint. I have created a Test site and a folder inside it.
I was able to authorize the account. However, I’m still facing the same issue with all SharePoint snaps(PFB the snap(1)). I’ve added the redirect URI in the Azure portal as well


I have also attached the Accounts tab info as a snap(2).

I would greatly appreciate if you guys could help me in troubleshooting the error.

Hi @tharunm

Our Sharepoint snap pack was developed by one of our partners. If you create a support ticket for this issue, our support team knows how to route and engage our partner. You can pretty much copy and paste what you posted here.

Hi @mbowen,

Just wanted to make sure, if I send out an email to, will that do the needful or is there any portal from which I need to raise this ticket.

Thank you for responding back.


At the bottom of Customer Support - SnapLogic, you’ll see links to our online support portal. It also lists phone numbers and email (you are correct -

Hi @mbowen,

Thank you for confirming.

I’ve just dropped them an email and once I get a solution I’ll post it here. I hope it helps someone later.

Hello SL community,

If you have access to anyone from the SnapLogic support team, I request you to kindly forward this thread to them. I was sending them emails for the last three days and I haven’t heard from them yet. I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you.

Sharepoint and graph api can be a challenge to get up and running, regardless of using rest snap or the sharepoint snaps.
I am using the rest snap to get sharepoint lists via graph api, maybe this config could help you further?

REST OAuth2 Account:

For the Azure app registration, only permissions and client secret is added (no redirect url).