Snap After Union Executing Before All Inputs Are Received

I have the following flow, and I’m noticing that Exe Contract Amendment is getting executed before the all inputs from Union Original are received. Is that expected? If so, how do I get the Exe Contract Amendment snap to wait for the union?



The Union Snap does not wait for the all inputs to be completed, and then to produce the output.

You should replace that Union Snap and try with Gate Snap.

The Gate Snap does not complete executing until the execution of all upstream Snaps is done.

Spiro Taleski


Great, thank you for the help!

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Be careful with Gate… it accumulates all documents in memory and could consume all available resources if you are processing a large number of records.

You could use Sort after the Union instead, which will cache to disk and will wait for all input documents to be processed before continuing to the next snap.


Great, thanks for the additional information.