Snap to connect to Informatica MDM hub

Is there a Snap/connector to connect to Informatica MDM hub ?

If not, what is the best snap that can be used to connect to the Informatica Hub? SQL Snap Pack or JDBC connector snap ?

We may need to bring in data from multiple tables from hub into SnapLogic and combine records on some unique id and apply transformations before it is sent to downstream systems.

Thanks in advance.

Any suggestions here ?

There isn’t a specific Snap for Informatica at this time. I don’t know which protocol they use for their API, but we have Snap Packs for REST, SOAP, and generic JDBC that might help.

Has anyone else tried to connect to Informatica?

Thank you, Diane.

It has an SQL DB. So if there is a choice point on using SQL Snap vs JDBC, what would be the recommendation ?
The goal is to get data from a few tables with common Id from the Informatica Hub, join in SnapLogic, Transform in SnapLogic before sending it downstream.

I’ve been informed that there is a REST API that can be used to access it.

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