Snaplex Health: Add Search by Snaplex Name

We have a LOT of single- or two-node snaplexes, most of which are hosted on our customer’s servers at their own sites. (On the rough order of 275 snaplexes.)

If we need to know the status of “XCRKMU83B_JB_GPlex” (which is actually a sane naming convention for us) we must either:

  • go to the Dashboard Health wall and scroll endlessly through the list of snaplexes at the left, manually searching for the desired snaplex,
  • go to the Dashboard Snaplex wall and scroll through the very long drop-down list.

Admittedly, the snaplex tab/wall is better, because the snaplexes are at least sorted alphabetically in the control. However, the control doesn’t respond to leading keystrokes, so if the pattern starts in the middle such as “KRM”, we must scroll around and find that part of the alphabet, then find the specific snaplex and click on it. The Snaplex tab, however, does not include a listing of the node alerts.

  1. Please add a search function to both the Health wall and the Snaplex wall, so that I can type “XCRK” or similar, and very quickly find the snaplex I am looking for.

  2. Please add a widget to show the node alert logs in the Snaplex wall.

Thanks in advance!