SnapLogic and DocuSign Account Setup

I am trying to setup SnapLogic to a DocuSign developer sandbox. I’m following the DocuSign API details which uses REST OAuth2 and I believe I have all the creds I need (client id, secret, token, etc.)

Yet it’s not connecting. I am wondering if instead of using the OAuth endpoint as specified in DocuSign like this:

We instead put in part of the URL and use the parameters in the SnapLogic Account setup? Has anyone had success with this?

for anyone having issues in the future i figured it out. the oauth2 endpoint for docusign =

and the oauth2 token is not the generated token its actually the URL =

See also: Tutorial: Using the DocuSign eSignature REST API with the REST Snap Pack and OAuth 2.0

Do you have similar example using JWT tokens for DocuSign?