SnapLogic Certification cost

Hi Team,

Iam planning to do SNAPLOGIC certification , what is the procedure ,whom do I need to contact , how much will it cost ?

You would contact your SnapLogic account manager.
I’ve let your technical account manager know you are interested.

Hi Dmiller ,

Yes , Interested could you please let me know the technical manager of my account.

I’ve forwarded your interest on to your TAM and asked him to get in touch with you.

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Hi dmiller,

Still awaiting response about SnapLogic certification ? , could you please check with your team …

Is there more information available somewhere about SnapLogic certification?

@bharathk, I followed up with your current technical account manager. He should have contacted you.

@Schevus, your account manager can provide you with more information.

@Schevus please contact me in regards of training at

@bharathk please contact me at and i can share this information with you