Snaplogic CI/CD Training Resource Question

Hi there,

We recently purchased this training course and the first lesson makes note of a deployment template that can be downloaded and used to model a deployment pipeline, but doesn’t make note of where to find the template. Can you point me in the right direction?


Hi again,

So I have reached out to a representative on the University team, our Customer Care contact, and this community for an answer to what I believed was a relatively straight-forward question and have yet to receive a clear response from the Snaplogic team.

It’s disappointing, particularly given that the courses are not only pretty expensive for the information they provide but are also time-limited to see such a lack of response. I would recommend to anyone interested in taking these courses to take this situation into consideration prior to making a purchase.

@rchung This has been escalated to our training team.

@rchung This post might help: