SnapLogic Integration with Microsoft Azure


After creating the SQL database in MS Azure, In SnapLogic when we actually provide the “Schema” and “Table” name for the AZURE SQL BULK EXTRACT Snap, it is providing me the error “Failure: BCP program not found, Reason: Could not find BCP program in system path”.

Can you please help me to set or resolve the BCP Path here. Is there any path that I can get it from MS Azure SQL DB?.


Did anyone every figure this out?

The snap requires a field " BCP absolute path" that needs the

Absolute path of the BCP utility program in JCC’s file system. If empty, the Snap will look for it in JCC’s environment variable PATH.

More specifically one needs to include the full path to the executable not just the containing directory. So for CentOS 7 ground plexes pleas enter,


This only works on groundplex(s). Which is odd, it could be pre-loaded on the cloudplex(s) as well.
There does not appear to be such good documentation on installing MS SQL Tools on CentOS and configuring the groundplex to ensure that the the JCC runtime can see it.

BTW, I did get this resolved but there appears to be an issue with the Snap. It fails if you use BigInt types in your SQLServer tables. See the ticket number 27858

Here is the link to the current documentation on Microsoft on installing the sqltools on linux. Its pretty straight forward

This can be installed on any SnapLogic Groundplex

Thanks. I believe that SnapLogic does itself a big disservice when it does not provide processes and procedures for installation and configuration. The point here is

  1. Snaplex(s) are your specific runtime and configuration on a specific OS (Windows, CentOS 7, etc)
  2. The specific commands , permissions, and configuration are specific to your environment and can be easily communicated to your customers.
  1. Sending customers to 3rd party sites for configuration is a bad customer experience. Your customer expect you to be the experts on the product that you sell and provide.

Just my opinion.

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