Snaplogic Pipeline Exposed as API

When we create a Task for any Pipeline then it creates a task URL which is an API. If we give that URL to any third party application to run our pipeline from their application, How they will be able to trigger that API through external application.

What we will have to do for this?

Hi @Pakhi ,

If you look at the documentation for Running a Triggered Task, you can see that when you create a task for pipeline, there is bearer token used for authentication.
So, if you copy/paste the URL(API) in, let’s say postman, you have to set the bearer token in order to execute the API.



suppose there is a different application for scheduling all the jobs of snaplogic. so what kind of configuration we need to do in that application other than giving the url(API) so that that application will be able to access that API

I think that the API and the token are enough in order to execute them.


Apart from using the bearer token, basic authentication can be used also for triggering the SnapLogic Triggered Task(API).

Spiro Taleski



If you add “?bearer_token=YOUR_BEARER_TOKEN” at the end of the cloud url, you should be able to trigger it form anywhere.

We use the URL and token to trigger jobs to run out of our Control-M scheduling application. Only issue we have had - and I think there is a solution but we haven’t had the time to go back and play with it - is a 15 minute timeout on the web interface. So jobs over 15 minutes run time ‘fail’ in Ctl-M when the window closes even though they are still running in SnapLogic successfully. Again, we have been told a work around for that, just no time to work on right now!

@pbixby best if you start this as a new topic.

sorry, didn’t mean to start a discussion. was just stating that we successfully use it and caveating that with a warning if others use it.

No worries, @pbixby
I understood what you were saying. :slight_smile: