Snaplogic project metadata property question

Hello, I’d like to know what the intended purpose of the metadata property on Snaplogic project spaces and projects. I’ve working on a process to assign permissions to projects programmatically (I found a really useful example in the Community forum on which to base my work). To simplify the process I’d like to be able to “tag” a project with metadata so that I can more easily map the groups for which I
want to assign permissions to their respective projects. I know there’s a metadata property on the project spaces and projects but I haven’t come across any documentation explaining it’s use. Ideally I’d like to update the project metadata json and add a couple of custom properties to it. My concern with this approach is in whether I can always count on that custom data to be available on the project space/project. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Dave


The metadata field is used internally to store information about assets, including asset recycling (after delete) and asset search related info. It is persisted within the org, it will not be persisted across project export and migration.

The metadata field is not exposed currently for external use. We could open an enhancement request to expose and document the metadata. The metadata does have limits in terms of data size. Limiting the external metadata to under 16 entries with values lower than 1KB in size each would be recommended.

Thanks for the response - much appreciated. I expected this might be the case and have decided to try to accomplish my goal without using the metadata property. I do think it would be helpful though to be able to decorate the resource (pipeline etc) with custom data that could be persisted across project export and migration. Something along the lines of the below snippet maybe…

“customProperty”: {
“property1”: “shared”,
“property2”: “operations”