Snaplogic questions

Is there any limit on number of pipeline versions?
· Are there Message Queue snaps?
· Some of the snaps (For each/Pipeline execute) have option to choose snaplex – Ground or Cloud – Need to understand when and why to choose? Scenarios

Actually, it can give MANY options. The ones you are given are based on what snaplexes are available. which to use when depends on that. For example, the cloud cant generally use resources hidden from the internet. I you have a license for it, you can install a local snaplex, and use those resources.

For those Snaps that allow you to set a Snaplex, the Snaplex you select overrides the one set in the child pipeline.

I’m not aware of any limit on pipeline versions.

I looked at some of my early pipelines, and I have several with 300+ and one with nearly 500 versions.