SnapLogic training

I am looking for snaplogic training. I see the details in the snaplogic website, not sure how can I enroll for a course. Looking for any pointers

Training can be scheduled through your account manager.

Hi Miller,

Thank you for the reply, I have a couple of questions regarding the training

As you replied saying “Training can be scheduled through account manager”,
Can you please confirm did you mean my Account Manager from my organization
has to contact Snaplogic to get the training scheduled.

I would like to understand if the training can be provided to an
individual. I am interested in getting certified on the Snaplogic tool and
looking for training, anyway I can take up the training.


SnapLogic customers have a Global Account Manager at SnapLogic while Partners have Channel Account Managers. It is this SnapLogic employee that your company should be in touch with to arrange training.

At this time, training is not available to individuals.